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Scan Network Perimeter Services
Insecure networks perimeters are still the cause of most data breaches. The perimeter is therefore one of the most important areas of your network to secure against vulnerabilities, misconfiguration, and other security threats that could compromise security or availability of network services. Acunetix Online provides you with a perspective of your network perimeter just like an attacker would see it. Use it to:

Discover open ports and running services
Test for over 50,000 known network vulnerabilities and misconfigurations
Testing for Network Vulnerabilities
Acunetix scans your network for vulnerabilities and presents results in the Acunetix Online dashboard, from where a network security report can be easily generated.

Assess security of routers, firewalls, switches and load balancers
Test for weak passwords: FTP, IMAP, database servers, POP3, Socks, SSH, and Telnet
Test for DNS zone transfer, open recursive DNS, and DNS cache poisoning attacks
Test for badly configured proxy servers, weak SNMP community strings and TLS/SSL ciphers, and more