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As many service organizations as there are in the world that is the number of unique service optimization scenarios that exist. Sometimes a company’s challenges can be met with a preconfigured solution, conforming to industry best practices. Other times a highly customized solution is necessary. Either way, the implication for optimization solution providers is clear. Experience and flexibility in implementation are key.

We have been in the optimization business longer than anybody. In that time we have developed a proven implementation methodology that is at once structured and flexible to get our clients’ applications up and running in the most time and cost-efficient manner. Whether we are working with a client’s in-house technologists, outside partners, or doing it all on our own, Our implementation professionals are equipped to handle even the most complex projects.

To augment our implementation offering, Our implementation group also offers project advisory services that handle the requirements, design and code review phases of the implementation process. In doing so, our professionals walk clients through a “solution playback,” which helps the client company envision the benefits of the solution it is getting through some basic demonstrations.