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The information you need at your fingertips Government and internal audit policies mandate the need to collect, retain, and report against log data—but with so much information in so many different systems and formats, finding the information you need requires powerful ease of use. Detects new threats quickly and easily Sentinel 7 ships with packaged intelligence to detect many threats out-of-the-box without time consuming rule-writing and configuration. Built-in anomaly detection automatically establishes baselines of normal activity and detects changes that can represent emerging threats. New or custom rules can be created easily by business users through an intuitive graphical user interface. Greater visibility into user activities Understanding the “who, what, when, and where” of user system access is essential for controlling insider-based risks to information assets. Enriching security data with unique user identity information provides an enhanced level of user activity monitoring for greater visibility of internal threats to the environment. Only need log management? Sentinel Log Manager enables the collection, storage, analysis and management of IT infrastructure event and security logs, providing flexible and cost-efficient log management for mitigating risk and addressing compliance reporting needs.