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Critically important to getting the most out of a service optimization investment is running the applications in a technologically appropriate environment. Architecture, hardware and server configurations are just a few of the factors that can have a significant impact on the performance and stability of your service optimization solution.
If you have ever experienced slow performance from your optimization system due to improper configuration of your database, you are aware of the problem and how crippling it can become

System Health Check is a two-staged process.
The first stage is a two-day, on-site evaluation of all aspects of a company’s system that are relevant to the technical behavior of the system.

WASS experts examine

System architecture
Hardware and software environments
Settings and configuration of servers
Database server settings and database configuration
Relevant logs, including integration and event logs
User profiles
Load balancing
Virtual operating systems
Load time
Response time
Other relevant factors

Once analysis has been completed, We deliver and present a report of its findings, as well as recommended actions to mitigate any system issues uncovered.