Best security for desktops and laptops

Keeping all your computer software up-to-date is an important part of information security. 83% of top ten malware could have been avoided by using up-to-date software.

Detection rate is another critical point in your information security. Fixing the problems after a malware has already entered your network is costly and time-consuming. Therefore, you need a superior security product that blocks the attempts to breach your security.

Client Security Standard offers you:

  • Uncompromised security with minimal impact on performance
  • Proactive behavior-based protection against emerging zero-day threats


Avoid the obvious attacks with Software Updater

Keeping software up-to-date is a critical component of computer and business security. 85% of all vulnerabilities are in 3rd party software. However, keeping all software current can be an overwhelming task, which is why it often gets neglected.

In addition to the best, uncompromised protection, F-Secure Client Security Premium includes Software Updater that ensures that your operating systems and third-party applications are up-to-date.

Software Updater scans the computer for missing software updates and keeps 3rd party applications patched from vulnerabilities and up-to-date. Software Updater is unique in the market, since it supports both operating system and 3rd party updates.

The easy way to IT security

Choosing the right business IT security solutions can be a difficult task with all the endless options to choose from.

F-Secure Business Suite takes the opposite approach: all essential components are included in one solution that can be flexibly scaled to fit companies of all sizes.

Business Suite is a complete security solution that makes centralized security management easy for IT administrators. It combines outstanding protection with maximized usability.

  • Complete protection for all levels of the business IT infrastructure
  • Advanced performance that is lighter, simpler and safer
  • Easy license management and less time required for administration
  • Real-time security updates are available globally within 60 seconds of a confirmed new threat