Website Measurement

Now that your website isn’t your only marketing channel any more, you need to re-evaluate how it fits into your overall marketing plan. Webtrends Website Measurement gives you a new perspective—and new insight. You can still track any action that’s happening on any of your domains. But a unified view of customer data allows you to see that activity in the context of all of your digital channels, for a better understanding of what’s working and what isn’t. A team of experts will help you every step of the way, including the design and management of a measurement strategy that meets your business goals.
See website results fast with Heatmaps.

Webtrends Analytics includes Heatmaps, a way to display data in a visual form so you can see what customers are most interested in on your website. Simply select pages, apply the overlay, and the sections with the most clicks will appear as hotspots on the page. The less popular sections will remain dark.
Data beyond the tag: What does it mean?

Webtrends Analytics includes imported data from partners and other sources—data beyond the tag. It gives you a more well-rounded view of what’s happening on your site and why. Incoming data can be from, iTunes App Store, Twitter shares, Facebook Likes and more.

With Website Measurement, You Can:

Increase online conversions and revenue. A measurement strategy helps you create more relevant content to engage more customers.
Scale easily and securely. There’s no limit to the amount of data you can collect. Multi-channel measurement runs smoothly for any size company and adapts easily when volume fluctuates in any digital channel.
Keep control of your data. It’s yours, not ours. Integrate data into your other marketing initiatives like email and CRM with no hassles, make quick campaign adjustments, and easily send and analyze data.
View results in consistent, easy-to-understand dashboards, reports and data visualizations.