Open-E Data Storage Software
Open-E DSS V7 is a robust, award-winning enterprise storage application which offers excellent compatibility with industry standards, supports various hardware setups and is one of the easiest to use and manage. Additionally, it is one of the most stable and secure solutions on the market, helping organizations to implement high-performing, yet cost-effective, data storage systems. Open-E counts for over 27,000 world-wide installations in Fortune 500 companies.

Open-E DSS V7 is designed for simplicity and ease-of-use, as demanded by SMB users, along with the advanced features required by Enterprise users. These features include solutions such as the new Active-Active Failover for iSCSI Volumes in high availability clusters, Remote Replication for disaster recovery and multiple scheduled Snapshots for data protection.

NEW: Double Performance with Active-Active Failover for iSCSI Volumes
With the new Active-Active iSCSI Failover Feature Pack for Open-E DSS V7 you can double the performance of your storage system, increase sequential read and write performance by 100% and shorten switching time almost twice – when compared to Active-Passive. Additionally, you can better utilize your network resources since the read, write and replication traffic can be balanced on both nodes. Active-Active iSCSI Failover feature enables you to simultaneously run volumes in the active mode on both cluster nodes. If one node fails, the other one takes over automatically and all application services continue to run without interruption. Once the failed node is available again, the administrator can move back the activity of selected volumes.
Advanced Data Protection Capabilities
The placement of valuable data on an Open-E DSS V7 powered server provides comprehensive and cost-effective data protection.
Open-E DSS V7 integrates critical features such as Data and Volume Replication, Snapshot Copy, Automatic Failover, and agents-based
Backup and Restore for proactive and comprehensive protection of all stored information.
Integrated Data and Volume Replication
Open-E DSS V7 provides Asynchronous Data Replication (NAS) and Synchronous Volume Replication (iSCSI, NAS, Fibre Channel)
to replicate critical company data to a secondary server in case of a failure or disaster. Open-E DSS V7 supports multi-master,
Asynchronous Data Replication with scheduling, Synchronous iSCSI / NAS / FC Volume Replication and bandwidth throttling.
This ensures data availability by creating multiple copies of data on remote servers over local area networks (LANs) or wide area
networks (WANs) using the integrated block- and file-based replication technologies.
Open-E DSS V7 Snapshot Copy provides an instantaneous point-in-time copy of data using robust copy-on-write functionality.
Snapshots can then be used to quickly restore data in case of human or application error and to enable scheduled data
replication and incremental backup.
Compatibility and easy Installation
Open-E DSS V7 recognizes most industry-standard hardware and automatically installs drivers for SAS and RAID controllers, FC-HBAs, and 1 and 10Gb Ethernet cards. Additionally, Open-E DSS V7 is a complete operating system that easily installs on any server.
Optimized OS Performance
Independent tests have shown that Open-E DSS V7 offers one of the highest data throughput and performance levels of any
product on the market. This makes the software especially suitable for network environments with many clients or for storage applications requiring high data throughput and I/O.
Designed for Integration into Heterogeneous Networks
Integration of Open-E DSS V7 into heterogeneous network environments takes no more than a few minutes. Built-in, Active Directory Services integration, NIS and External or Internal LDAP support allows for easy implementation with existing IT infrastructures. Additionally, Open-E DSS V7 includes support for heterogeneous protocols, allowing data to be easily shared.
For complete list of features for OPEN-E DSS V.7 Kindly download the Product Datasheet here