E-mail and web filtering for businesses

Protect your email and web communication

Email is today used by almost all companies. It is also the primary target for malware attacks. And the web is commonly used as a source of information, therefore making it a source of viruses and other malware as well.

You can get powerful email and web filtering solution from us. Solutions that fit the varying needs of small, medium and large companies alike.


Find a suitable email and web protection solution

Messaging Security Gateway

Stop malware even before it can enter your network and control how email is used in your company. You can have security through a dedicated virtual or hardware appliance.


Protection Service for Email

Industry’s most effective email protection for companies of all sizes. Get it through dedicated partners as a service hosted by F-Secure.


E-mail and Server Security

A single suite to protect your email and servers against all kinds of malicious attacks. Supports the latest platforms for Windows, Citrix and Microsoft exchange servers.


Internet Gatekeeper

Protect all operating systems against attacks through email, web or files. Internet Gatekeeper stops malware at the gateway level.


 Compare the email and web filtering products

Product Spam Malware Content filtering HTTP filtering Quarantine Email encryption Hosted as a Service
Messaging Security Gateway Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Protection Service for Email Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email and Server Security Yes Yes Yes Yes
Internet Gatekeeper for Linux Yes Yes Yes Yes